Thursday, February 10, 2011

War and Peace Trilogy part 1

In 2003, the reality of war set in, and the roar of the mainstream media seemed to deafen our ears and stifle our voices. Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center responded by coming together to make these three documentaries: 1) Independent Media In A Time Of War- Part scathing critique, part call to action, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman argues that dialogue is vital to a healthy democracy. (29:00), 2) Voices Against War : F15 MYC - Chronicles the experiences of "ordinary" people on the streets of Manhattan as they joined millions around the globe in "The World Says No To War" protests. (21:43), 3) Women's Fast For Peace - With the invasion of Iraq looming more than 125 women in upstate New York fasted to create a culture of peace rather than of war. (29:00)Producer: Hudson Mohawk IndymediaClick for the full thing

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