Thursday, February 24, 2011

Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex, Part 1: Visions of Freedom & Part 2: USA INCarcerated

Part 1 Visions of Freedom by Neal Morrison and Luana Plunkett and the Critical Resistance Production Collective.This program is an emotional and inspiring look at a growing movement of activists, artists and intellectuals who are mobilizing against the against the prison industrial complex. This tape highlights scenes from the historical Critical Resistance Conference held in Berkeley, California in September, 1998. With Angela Davis, Fred Ho, and others. Filled with music, art, poetry and words from today's leading critical minds, this tape reveals the passion and conviction of those who wish to end the lockdown.

Producer: Neal Morrison, Luana Plunkett

Part 2: by Carla Leshne and Sasha Magee and the Critical Resistance Production Collective Outlines the growth of the prison industrial complex and the social and the social tradeoff being made to support it. It also looks at the repression industry in the context of the global economy. Interviews, music and commentary taped at the Critical Resistance Conference in Berkeley. With Angela Davis, Ramona Africa, Bruce Franklin, Christian Parent, Mike Davis, Joyce Miller, and music by Michael Franti, Ani de Franco, John Trudell.

Producer: by Carla Leshne, Sasha MaGee


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