Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gil Scott-Heron 2/2/2012

Thu. Feb. 2, 2012


Sojournertruthradio 06.01.11

We remember Gil Scott-Heron who passed away lin May 2011.
Rare Show: Gil Scott-Heron Live in Europe 2010 - A Soul of Sydney Tribute
Rare Performance of Gil Scott-Heron in Europe 2010 A Soul of Sydney Tribute R.I.P GIL SCOTT HERON!This is one of the final live concerts of legendary poet, author and political commentator Gil Scott- Heron. This is our tribute to him so his fans can remember the legacy he left us with his musical collaborations. Check out more live shows and our other tributes on our blog here or find us on facebook for more good music.
GIl Scott-Heron at Marcus Garvey Park August 5, 2010
Gil Scott-Heron performed a free concert in Harlem in the summer of 2010

Cinturon Negro - my favorite songs of Gil Scott-Heron


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