Monday, January 16, 2012

Is the Death Penalty Murder?

Sat. Jan. 14,2012
An interview Mumia Abu-Jamal
TalkingDrum on WURD: Barbara Grant, Mumia (call's into the radio station), Pam Africa and Dr. Johanna Fernandez, calls up to WURD to discuss his current outlook on life, the case, and his future pertaining to Mumia. The fight to free Mumia and to get him a new trial is not over. Speaking about the up and coming event on December 9th 2011 at The Constitution Center in Philadelphia broadcast around the world hat will include Michelle Alexander, Amiri Baraka, Cornell West, Johanna Fernandez, Marc Lamont-Hill, Pam Africa, Ramona Africa, Michael Coard and others. Oppose the death penalty in the u.s., and free all political prisoners like Mumia.

Another lynching in GA - Troy Davis
Why do the courts allow the corruption in our judicial system. It is clear that Troy Davis was innocent but the US Supreme Court (Cover up) would not stop the execution. Why? Because the want to protect the system of injustice.

Amnesty International - Troy Davis Call - 051709
Troy Davis Execution Unconstitutional - Martina Correia & De'Jaun
Conversations with Great Minds - Amy Goodman - Troy Davis' Execution. RT English
Democracy Now! Special on Troy Davis Execution_ Did Georgia Kill An Innocent Man
Martina Correia on Execution of Troy Davis_ _My Brother's Fight Will Continue
Judge Mathis Weighs in on the execution of Troy Davis
Martina Correia - 1967 to 2011 - NAACP's Ben Jealous on the Life of Troy Davis' Sister

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