Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Compact for Racial Justice

Uploaded by racialjustice on Nov 3, 2010 Facing Race 2008's Plenary 3, held on Saturday, November 15. The Compact for Racial Justice offers concrete strategies and policy proposals to reverse racial disparities and move our society towards full equity, inclusion and dignity for all people. The Compact transcends talk of personal prejudice with compelling evidence of institutional racism and realistic proactive solutions. It seeks to engage a broad multiracial base of activists, opinion leaders and policymakers in making government and powerful institutions accountable for eliminating racial inequality in our schools, hospitals, courtrooms and workplaces.

Moderator: Tammy Johnson, Applied Research Center
Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center http://www.arc.orgLeeAnn Hall, Northwest Federation of Community Organizers
John Jackson, Schott Foundation for Public Education
Andrea Batista Schlesinger, Drum Major Institute
Karin M. Wang, Asian Pacific American Legal Center

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