Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rocky Anderson for President

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Thu, Dec 29, 2011

Rocky Anderson For President 2012
Justice Party Candidate Rocky Anderson
Rocky Anderson on Rachel Maddow 11-30-11
Rocky Anderson talks formation and platform of new United States political party -- The Justice Party -- and presidential run for office in 2012.
Rocky Anderson To Run For President - ABC4 12-8-11

Brief clip of upcoming Chris Vanocur interview and news spot outlining Rocky Anderson's intention to run in 2012 for president as the first Justice Party candidate, a new party whose interest is in the public, rather than the corporate. From ABC4 news in SLC, Utah.

Rocky Anderson MSNBC Daily Rundown - 2012 Run, Justice Party

Aired December 12, 2011. Rocky Anderson discusses Justice Party political platform, corporate corruption, Obama's record and a run for president in 2012 in a political climate waiting for action for the public.
Rocky Anderson Talks Presidential Run & Justice Party on CNN

Aired Dec. 13, 2011 -- Rocky discusses his pledge to end corporate control of government, and replace it with governence in the interest of the public. Rocky Anderson is running in 2012 as a candidate for the Justice Party (

Rocky Anderson Visits The Alyona Show on RT, Dec 14, 2011
Rocky Anderson -- the first candidate to run for the newly formed Justice Party -- lays out his take on the most controversial issues America is faced with. He offers solutions for action, rather than empty rhetoric.
Rocky Anderson of Justice Party on The Solution Zone 15Dec11


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